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Fire Systems Consultancy specialises in fire safety systems that have been developed to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm systems available in the market today. Systems ranges offered include Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, associated display and control systems, fire suppression systems and fire and smoke control systems. The Autronica Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are developed to operate and protect within the most demanding applications throughout the world. We are able to draw upon this experience and expertise to create solutions and proven systems and packages.

As a market leader, we have a broad range of Analogue Addressable and Conventional fire detection systems. In addition to this, we have built up our expertise in voice alarm systems and have a range of systems to suit all applications. For general information and details of the Systems and Products Fire Systems Consultancy offer click on our drop downs below.

Our Fire Detection & Alarm Systems range from relatively simple 1 or 2 loop detection & alarm systems to complex highly resilient networked fire control systems.  Often implementing complex cause and effect fire control across site and integrated monitoring and control of other related fire safety systems (Sprinkler Systems, Smoke Vent Control, Fire Suppression etc.).

Our voice alarm systems are fully integrated to the main fire detection and control systems. Full and effective voice alarm for emergencies can easily and automatically be effected to pre-programmed requirements. Emergency voice messaging can also be achieved directly through voice messaging facilities within the detection devices. 

Effective fire detection within open areas and building Facades to enable the fast recognition of fire and ensure speedy response through the main fire control system. 

The AutroMaster Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System is a complete monitoring and control system to provide operational system management, emergency fire control and comprehensive service & maintenance facilities. 

Our range of Aspiration Smoke Detection Systems provide high sensitivity and fast response alarms across a range of environments. From controlled clean air computer suites to plant process areas, systems can be tailor designed for each application.   

Our main fire control systems are able to fully integrate with and operate fire dampers to ensure correct and effective control of smoke within air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. Control can be achieved to ensure all fire strategy requirements and fire control systems are implemented through the fire control cause and effect logic.

Fire Systems Consultancy are able to provide a range of fire suppression systems to suit all areas. Full control and monitoring is achieved via full integration with the main fire detection and alarm system. 

Our Fire Alarm Systems are able to fully integrate with site CCTV and security systems to effect the required emergency control including integrated CCTV facilities via the fire alarm system graphical display units. 

Our integrated disabled refuge, Fire Telephone and Assist Call Systems are designed to provide two way communication between the central control stations and disabled refuge areas. The systems are designed for the use of all emergency and evacuation situations.

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