Supported Systems

Fire Systems Consultancy specialises in fire safety systems that have been developed to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm systems available in the market today. Systems ranges offered include Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, associated display and control systems, fire suppression systems and fire and smoke control systems. The Autronica Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are developed to operate and protect within the most demanding applications throughout the world. We are able to draw upon this experience and expertise to create solutions and proven systems and packages.

Please find below a list of supported systems brands Fire Systems Consultancy operate with and have specialist knowledge in.

Supported Systems Autronica
Fire & Gas Systems


Autronica is a leading innovator manufacturer and supplier of fire & gas safety systems worldwide. The Autronica products are developed to the highest standards and approvals and as well as land-based systems, also meet the demanding requirements for Marine and Oil & Gas markets. 

Supported Systems Baldwin Boxall
Voice Alarm Systems

Baldwin Boxall

Central and distributed Voice Alarm Systems and Emergency Voice Communication Systems that are integrated with the main Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to provide a seamless detection and alarm system with emergency voice messaging. 

Supported Systems Vox Ignis
Disabled Refuge systems

Vox Ignis

Combines Disabled Refuge, Fire Telephone and Assist Call systems to suit applications requiring a full integrated Fire and Voice Alarm Approach with full monitoring and control facilities. 

Supported Systems Advanced
General Fire Systems


Supply of a range of Fire Systems and products including conventional and wireless systems to multiprotocol fire control panels. 

Supported Systems Apollo
General Fire Detectors


Supply of a range of multiprotocol Fire Detectors providing analogue addressable, conventional, wireless and two-wire detectors coupled with system components. 

Supported Systems Xtralis
Life safety solutions


Xtralis provides powerful, early warning life safety solutions. The systems offer a full range of integrated life safety solutions to provide early threat detection in a range of applications.

Supported Systems Kidde
Fire Suppression


Supply, integration, control and servicing of Gaseous Suppression Systems for most applications to ensure the speedy and cost-effective control of fire. 

Supported Systems Marioff
Water Mist Systems


Systems to provide fire protection within large or small applications using very fine water spray. The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires and protect the areas being covered.

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