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By way of comprehensive application solutions we make it easier to tailor safety at everything from hotels, and hospitals to aerospace and military base complex installations. Driven by customer satisfaction and requirements for safety and quality, the Fire Systems Consultancy team’s priority is to provide complete solutions to ensure our clients specific project requirements are met and to budget. 

With quality products, systems and processes FSC is able to provide our clients with comprehensive and integrated systems to simply and effectively meet their requirements and deliver through collaborative solutions. Works can incorporate any part of the full range of services including design, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance and support of fire safety systems.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare premises are required to provide fire life safety systems to cater for a number of unique and diverse requirements. This includes the safety of the patients, including critical care patients, the general public & visitors, and general staff. 

Civil Aviation and Aerospace

Fire Systems for Airports and Air Traffic Control require constant reliability to ensure least disruption to general operations. The consequences of an evacuation, with the following delays in air traffic, are severe, both to society and in direct economic losses.

Banking & Large Commercial

Large Commercial Buildings require fast and controlled response from their fire control systems to ensure effective and continued operation wherever possible. Often including complex integration with other fire systems. filler

Pharmaceutical Industry

Effective Fire Detection & Alarm Systems in clean and sterile facilities, as well as general office environments require flexible and extremely reliable performance to ensure no disruption to works and production. filler filler filler

Industrial & Infrastructure

A wide ranging number of levels of fire detection is typically required across industrial sites. From standard detection to detection in hazardous areas, a flexible and fully integrated detection & alarm system is required. filler filler filler

Power Generation Plants

A flexible detection & alarm approach is required for Power Plants with wide ranges of types of areas to protect. Often with dirty & hazardous areas, the fire control system requires a high-level of flexibility and reliability alongside continued operational control. 

Hotel & Accommodation Buildings

A hotel visit should be pleasant and worry-free. Very few quests give a second thought to fire safety during their stay. Extreme reliability and rejection of false alarms alongside effective fire evacuation and management is paramount.

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