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Hospital & Healthcare

Fire Systems Consultancy's Hospital & Healthcare solutions

Systems within Hospitals and Healthcare are generally centred around de-centralised networked systems across site to support the requirements and general Fire Strategy for the Hospital and in line with the requirements of HTM 05-02. The systems are designed to ensure fast response to any fire events and give clear and concise display of information throughout the site and to the appropriate staff.

Generally, these systems include a comprehensive control and monitoring Graphics PC system at the central communications points situated around the Hospital including the Hospital Switchboard as well as including key fire response points and Facilities Management work stations. Information is also made available across site using Repeater Panel display units at Nurse Base Stations and key works areas and departments. Many of the projects have included upgrades of existing systems carried out whilst the Hospital departments have remained live and operational. Upgrade programmes are designed and achieved with a key aim of achieving the works and project with least or no disruption to the normal operation of the Hospital and to fit with any financial or budget requirements.

Please feel free to contact us through our enquiry form to find out more on how Fire Systems Consultancy can provide you with a unique fire solution to keep your buildings and employees safe. For more information and to learn more about the types of Fire Safety Systems used in the Hospital and Healthcare Industry, please visit our Official Suppliers Autronica’s Website

Other Project Sectors Include:

Not in the Hospital & Healthcare Industry? Find other popular project sectors we operate within and offer  fire solutions for below.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Fire Systems Consultancy provide a range of systems and services to a number of sites serving the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Banking & Commercial

Large Commercial Buildings require fast and controlled response from their fire control systems to ensure effective and continued operation wherever possible.

Power Generation Plants

A flexible detection & alarm approach is required for Power Plants with wide ranges of types of areas to protect. 

Industrial and Infrastructure

Complex systems which have been designed to achieve extremely reliable detection within various works areas and environments.

Civil Aviation and Aerospace

Fire Safety applications within the Aviation Industry covering Aircraft works and operational areas as well as Aircraft Control management facilities.

Large Hotels and Accommodation

Extreme reliability and rejection of false alarms alongside effective fire evacuation and management is paramount in the Hospitality Industry.