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Fire Life Safety Systems

There are many aspects to be considered when selecting a Fire Alarm System both commercially and technically. But most of all, it is fundamental part of the infrastructure that keeps the buildings safe from the devastating risk of fire. Most importantly, protecting the lives of those people within the building and site as a whole.

It requires a system that provides long-term reliability, practical usefulness, flexibility, value for money and most of all, ultimate effectiveness in protecting lives and property.

There are many considerations when looking to install a Fire Safety and Control System and especially so when replacing or upgrading an existing system. These considerations are covered here and look at some of the concerns and elements in finding the right system.


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Concern - Will the Fire System user be tied to a single provider/source for equipment, system programming and configuration and associated costs?

Our Solution - The Autronica protocol is open to all client and end users and to their appointed specialist contractors. Equipment is readily available at competitive pricing for users and appointed contractors alike. 

What is the benefit? - Commercially agreed guaranteed availability of software, support and products, together with competitive tendering for the life of the system. An open protocol that is fully integrated with extensive approvals for all elements of the system.

Concern - Is the system able to be designed as a complete and fully integrate and approved system with a flexible and easy to understand modular approach. 

Our Solution - The system is a complete and fully integrated and approved system from  field detection and alarm devices, to fully networked control panels to top level monitoring and control graphics systems and able to be designed and configured with a modular approach for effectively any building/site layout.

What is the benefit? - Flexible configuration philosophy that also builds in proven and extreme resilience and reliability whilst allowing complete flexibility to suit all building and site requirements. 

Concern - Is the system easily maintainable and options to put in place quality and competitive service and maintenance plans?

Our Solution - The System is easily maintainable to the guidelines and can be routinely tested and maintained by either the users facilities team or via a selected maintenance contractor.

What is the benefit -  The owner/user can select to have their
own teams trained to carry out the routine service and maintenance with training and on-going 24/7 support. The user can also elect to retain the services of a component maintenance contractor. Training and ongoing support can be provided to both the facilities engineers and selected competent maintenance providers.

Concern -Does the system have reliable detection that is able to ensure speedy responses to real fire scenarios and have extremely high reliability?

Our Solution - The system has 3 ranges of detectors with all 3 ranges giving extensive smoke, heat and multisensory detection capabilities. The ranges offered also include a range with independently approved self-testing capabilities to further increase reliability

What is the benefit? The range of detection (including those for hazardous areas) ensures that the detection employed will designed to provide the best detection for the environment being protected.

Concern - Is the system able to provide reliable and proven long term reliable equipment giving continuous and speedy fire protection?

Our Solution - The system is able to demonstrate long term performance across many demanding applications world-wide to ensure recognition and rejection of false alarm scenarios whilst ensuring fast response to real fire phenomena (DYFI – Dynamic Filtering).

What is the benefit? -  Extremely low/no false alarms across systems employing large number of control panels and thousands of field detection devices. Extreme highly reliable control systems performance communications and fault recognition to ensure optimum and continuous high performance.

Concern - Is the system user friendly and able to give simple straight-forward operation and configuration for all users from
security and first response staff, to engineering teams to Fire Safety Personnel?

Our Solution - All control panels are easy to use but the System is able to provide extremely user friendly PC graphics display units (AutroMaster) to provide straight-forward and intuitive monitoring and control to support the local Fire Strategy requirements.

What is the benefit? The industry leading AutroMaster Graphics monitoring and control system gives ultimate monitoring and control that may be tailored to all users (with respective access levels for simplicity). Systems give low cost ultimate control of the systems.

Concern - Is the System as a whole affordable and the pricing competitive?

Our Solution - The Autronica equipment range is high end equipment with high performance standards but is priced competitively for complete projects and long-term use and support when compared to other main-stream systems on the market. All equipment and services may be reasonably sourced either directly or via appointed contractors. 

Concern - Is the System able to be designed in a straightforward way with complete support available for all design work?

Our Solution Full design support is available and provided to all system users and appointed contractors during the design and installation work phases.

What is the benefit? Autronica takes a “whole of system
“whole of life cycle” design and support approach to all projects
and on-going works and support. Life Cycle support is guaranteed and has an on-going commitment to support and compatibility with all future products.

Concern What is the expected life cycle and expectancy for the system and long-term support?

Our Solution The stated anticipated lifecycle for the complete system is 10-15 years with a further period of guaranteed availability of all critical spares for a further 7 years subsequent to obsolescence. There is also a stated policy of backward compatibility for all those equipment.

What is the benefit? The Autronica systems are proven to have long term ultra-high reliability and long lifecycle ensuring continued reliable operation and availability of spares. The backward compatibility means the option to benefit from ongoing product development.

Concern - Is the site-wide and distributed control panel network flexible and able to provide a very reliable high speed network linking all panels?

Our Solution - The fire control system network is able to accommodate effectively any number of control panels whilst maintaining super-fast 100mbps connectivity and communications.

What is the benefit? The system may be extended across large and complex sites whilst ensuring complete security and reliability to cater for effectively any requirements for control, monitoring and integration with all ancillary systems such as Fire Suppression, sprinkler, damper, door control systems, etc., etc.

Concern - What is the initial cost of equipment and its installation together with the lifetime cost of ongoing support and availability of the system and equipment?

Our Solution - The initial cost of the equipment is competitive with all large networked systems and across the implementation of complete projects is extremely competitive (comparative pricing welcomed). Long-term availability and commitment to spares and on-going support as well as long-term pricing support is standard.

What is the benefit? -  The commitment to initial both initial
project and equipment pricing alongside support packages to
end users and Contractors together with the proven longevity,
reliability and support of the products provides extremely high
vale for money.

Concern - Is the equipment and system as a whole able to provide assurance for reliability and value for money. Also, provide reasonable warranty cover for the owner and installation contractor across an extended installation period?

Our Solution - The proven reliability of the Autronica system and products (and recognition of the client’s commitment) allows for an extended warranty for all system equipment for up to 5 years.

What is the benefit? -  This alleviates any need to discuss or negotiate the liability for any equipment failure/warranty issue for the installation project period to handover and provides extended cover and demonstrates the commitment to the system’s reliability.

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