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Power Generation Plants

Fire Systems Consultancy Power Generation Plant Solutions

Projects include fire detection and protection of relatively small plants with one or two control panels and including aspiration systems all monitored and controlled via a single monitoring and control Graphics PC system to large Power Generation sites with multiple systems covering extremely high-risk areas requiring high integrity reliable systems with long system life-cycles. Ease of maintenance and continued high performance reliability is designed in to ensure maintenance and efficient long-term operation is assured via the integrated and approved self-testing and monitoring and control systems. This ensures least disruption or invasive support works whilst maintaining extremely high reliability.

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Other Project Sectors Include:

Not in the Power Generation Industry? Find other popular project sectors we operate within and offer  fire solutions for below.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Fire Systems Consultancy provide a range of systems and services to a number of sites serving the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Banking & Commercial

Large Commercial Buildings require fast and controlled response from their fire control systems to ensure effective and continued operation wherever possible.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare premises are required to provide fire life safety systems to cater for a number of unique and diverse requirements.

Industrial and Infrastructure

Complex systems which have been designed to achieve extremely reliable detection within various works areas and environments.

Civil Aviation and Aerospace

Fire Safety applications within the Aviation Industry covering Aircraft works and operational areas as well as Aircraft Control management facilities.

Large Hotels and Accommodation

Extreme reliability and rejection of false alarms alongside effective fire evacuation and management is paramount in the Hospitality Industry.