Fire Suppression Systems

Our fire suppression systems provide reliable, low maintenance performance that distracts attention away from every-day activities as far as possible.  Our fire suppression systems are hard-wearing enough to face the challenges of environments characterized by pollutants, corrosive chemicals and constant activity, as well as being sensitive enough to respond correctly in an emergency situation. 

Integration of fire-safety equipment ensures that the correct response is made automatically; the integration of fire detection and suppression is a logical step. It can be difficult to get equipment made by two different suppliers to work together in a satisfactory way, and costs and installation time increase accordingly. That is why we offer total safety solutions. 

CO2 systems

Autronica’s CO2 system is specifically designed for the protection of one or more galley ducts. The system is designed to quickly achieve the necessary CO2 concentration to extinguish a fire inside a galley duct. 

The CO2 cylinder is manufactured according to European Standards and it is located inside a CO2 cabinet, usually placed close to the protected object. A number of CO2 nozzles are installed inside the galley duct to achieve an evenly distribution of the extinguishing gas. An audible alarm is installed inside the protected area warning the personnel to evacuate upon activation of the system.

Our CO2 system for galley duct protection are designed to be rapid and simple to operate.

Ordering the part number below gives you a complete system with the CO2 cylinder installed into a GRP cabinet. The cabinet is fitted with 3 limit switches on the door for start of alarm siren, stop of ventilation fan and damper closing and CO2 cylinder, 9 l / 6 kg CO2. 1 nozzle, alarm, warning and instruction sign included.

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