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Autroprime Systems

The Autroprime System – very effective in providing quality detection and alarm solutions for small-to-medium sized applications. Autroprime brings simplicity, quality, cost-effectiveness and extensive functionality in one integrated system. Autroprime is provided to the user in a pre-configured state. In this state the panel is set to automatically recognize detectors and other loop units connected to the detection loops. As such, the system is fully functional and ready-to-use after a few minutes, simply by turning the power ON. Further site-specific configuration can easily be performed if necessary. Download our System description and handbook pdf below for more information.

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AutroSafe Systems

The AutroSafe System – suitable for large and relatively complex installations offers a totally distributed system that literally checks its own pulse: the AutroSafe Interactive Fire Detection System, including the unique technology; AutroSafe SelfVerify - enables networking of all panels, detectors and interfaces to easily form a distributed and totally interactive system - giving the flexibility to adapt to the individual requirements of any site. The comprehensive range of interactive low-profile detectors and interfaces revolutionizes modern sensor technology. Coupled with the AutroMaster ISEMS PC Graphics Monitoring and Control System makes the system extremely powerful and user friendly.

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